Harley Balabanian

Toronto, ON — harleyb@mac.com

Systems Design – Embedded Hardware
Software from FPGA to PHP

Toronto, ON



Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical — Queen’s University — 2009
Bachelor of Arts, Computing — Queen’s University — 2011

Skills and Strengths

  • Extensive programming experience: PHP/Python/ C++/Arduino/Java/ MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Electronics design and prototyping
  • Systems design from idea conception to functioning product
  • Resourceful and tenacious
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Very fast learner
  • Born tinkerer with an insatiable appetite for discovery
  • Avid cyclist and part-time bike mechanic
  • Excellent cook


Systems Engineer — Battlegrounds Live Gaming — 2011-2015

Battlegrounds was an advanced laser tag system, composed of highly responsive player hardware, an interactive playing field, and a sophisticated and customizable player experience. My responsibilities varied extensively, but I was continuously involved in electronics prototyping using off-the-shelf parts, embedded software development in Arduino/C++, and internal tools development in Python, as well as top-level design of all aspects of the project. In only four years, our six-person team developed a complete laser tag system from scratch and gave over 1000 testers an unforgettable experience.






Software Developer — OpenConcept Consulting — 2011

Software Developer — Airsoft Innovations Inc. — 2009

Software Developer — Faculty of Engineering at Queen's University — 2008

Senior Technician — Carbon Computing — 2004-2006

Volunteer and Extra-Curricular Involvement


Apple Certified Desktop and Portable Technician — 2003-2008 — Tech ID: CAN032GE